Ode to the perfect mango

I just ate what I think will go down in my own personal history as being the best mango I’ve ever eaten. Maybe in the history of any mango ever, tbh. I’ll go that far. I don’t know how this mango could possibly be disputed, what faults it could honestly have had. It was green. Normally really tasty mangos have a little bit of red on them, or so has been my experience. This one was green. That’s not good or bad, just different. Complete and utter perfection on the inside though and it filled me with sunshine. That much is truth. I went to the refrigerator expecting the mangos to be bad, because they’ve been in there for maybe like… two weeks? But I picked this mango out of the crisper drawer (no idea if that’s the right place for them), and I knew. It smiled in my hand and said nope, I’m ready – this is my time to shine. Cold, soft, radiant perfection. There is nothing better on this planet than a good mango. Especially when you’re having a good mango.